Small lake Friday 
1st Alec Johnson majestic garage. 82.0.0
2nd Dave Wain moorfields. 68.12.0
3rd Dave morritt marshlands. 48.9.0
4th Merve Baxter moorfields. 41.0.0
1st Jason Raspin marshlands. 105.4.0
2nd Simon Holmes majestic garage. 30.8.0
3rd Trevor Mack hull 30.1.0
4th A forest hull 28.4.0
Small lake 
1st Jason Raspin marshlands. 51.12.0
2nd Merve Baxter moorfields. 46.10.0
3rd Simon Holmes majestic garage. 46.8.0
4th Mick heptinstall moorfields 26.10.0
5th mike Beevo marshlands. 26.0.0
6th Alec Johnson majestic garage. 24.2.0
Catching carp with lots of skimmers roach and perch on pole fished maggots
1st Steve Hoyle moorfields. 54.12.0
2nd Dean Lumley marshlands. 35.0.0
3rd mick heptinstall moorfields. 29.6.0
4th Roy Stevens marshlands. 29.4.0
5th Roger Hammond moorfields. 26.8.0
6th josh brown moorfields. 24.12.0