Moorfields annual charity match  Saturday open 
In form angler Roger Hammond took the honours  Carp and F1s on pellets on peg 12
in this one pole fishing close in with sweet  1st Dave wain moorfields 105.0.0
corn on peg 45 2nd mike Lumley marshlands. 68.8.0
3rd Mick Turner MCP 68.2.0
1st Roger Hammond. 136.0.0 4th Andy waters moorfields 67.0.0
2nd Kev Darley 93.0.0 5th Deano Lumley marshlands 59.0.0
3rd Chris Martin 69.12.0 6th Merve Baxter moorfields 43.2.0
4th Eddie Rolley. 58.4.0
5th Merve Baxter 48.0.0
6th Alec Johnson 47.4.0
100 club final
1st Harry bignell tanfantastic. 128.0.0
2nd hart Hilmi. Hull. 127.14.0
3rd Roger Hammond moorfields. 95.0.0
4th Mick Turner MCP 83.10.0
5th Steve Hoyle moorfields. 81.10.0
6th Tony Coates TN floats 77.2.0