Carp on pellets at 6 metres
1st Dave wain moorfields. 79.12.0
2nd roger Hammond moorfields. 74.14.0
3rd Andy waters moorfields. 73.15.0
4th Merve Baxter moorfields. 60.8.0
5th mick turner moorfields. 56.6.0
6th Steve Hoyle moorfields. 47.0.0
Carp bream roach and ide on maggots and pellets on peg 47
1st Merve Baxter moorfields. 60.4.0
2nd Dave wain moorfields. 49.0.0
3rd Paul whitehead moorfields. 36.0.0
4th Steve Hoyle moorfields. 35.0.0
5th mick heptinstall moorfields 32.8.0
6th Brian whitehead moorfields. 24.0.0